Sirius Pro Remote Dog Training Collar Review

Dogs can be such great friends whenever we need them. They are active and always accompany us to play. However, some dogs are just too active. They like to running around, digging the yard, or even barking on everything they see or hear. If your dogs are already too wild to handle, then you need a training collar for them. There are lots of units sold in most pet stores or online retails. To help you out, we have reviewed one specific collar. That is Sirius Pro Remote Dog Training Collar. You may check out this review to decide whether it is what you need or not.

Sirius Pro Remote Dog Training Collar

Specifications of Sirius Pro Remote Dog Training Collar:

Let’s start with the collar first. The dimensions are 2.75 x 1.60 x 1.50 inches. The total weight of Sirius Pro remote dog training collar is 2.2oz or 0.14lbs. With such light weight, your dogs can wear it easily. It will not make them uncomfortable. The strap is quite long, and you can adjust it to fit the neck size of your pets. You can set it from 8 to 23 inches. At the backside of the receiver, it has 2 prongs whose function is to create static stimulation. Meanwhile, the power source of it are 2 AAA batteries.

About the remote, its dimensions are 6 x 1 x 2 inches. The weight is 2.6oz or 0.16lbs. With this size and weight, it enables you to hold it comfortably. On the remote, there are antenna, LCD display, and several buttons including the training mode buttons. Similar to the receiver, this transmitter also uses 2 AAA batteries.

When you purchase Sirius Pro remote dog training collar, there will be a number of things in the package. The kit includes 1 remote control, 1 receiver, 1 or 2 collars (if you buy 2 dog training systems), 1 shock tester light, 1 instruction manual, and 4 AAA batteries.

Features of Sirius Pro Remote Dog Training Collar:

Sirius Pro remote dog training collar has several features. Some of them can be great assitance in training your dogs. Here are those features.

1. Remote for Long-Distance Training

Since it has a remote, you can train your dogs from afar. The range between the receiver and transmitter is up to 900 feet. It is perfect if your pets like to play at the yard. You can make use of it too when you walk outdoor with them. Just click on one of the mode buttons once they try to run away or bark aggressively.

2. LED Backlight Display

The screen features LED backlight. That allows you to see the screen clearly day and night. Neither dark night or sunlight will disrupt you from looking at the display.

3. Water-Resistant Collar

Your dogs like to get wet? No worries about that since the collar will not break that easy. It thanks to its feature of water resistance. Thus, you can let them play near puddles or when it rains.

4. One Remote for Two Collars

If there are 2 dogs which require some trainings, then you can use Sirius Pro remote dog training collar. The remote is able to control two collars at once. Despite of it, it will not activate both collars at the same time. You can change the frequency to decide which collar you want to manage.

5. Training Modes

In this training system, there are 3 modes you can choose to warn the dogs. Those are electric shock, vibration, and beep. For the shock and vibration, you can determine the level from 0-100. Furthermore, these two modes are active intermittenly. It aims to prevent hurting your pets or even frightening them.

Sirius Pro Remote Dog Training Collar : Pros and Cons

Looking at the features above, most dog owners must think that it is such a great tool. Sure it can provide you an effective and safe dog training. Yet, it does not mean Sirius Pro remote dog training collar has no bad sides at all. Here are several pros and cons of the system which can help your decision in buying it.

The pros:

  1. It is easy to switch the mode. Unlike the other collars, this one has each button for every mode. The others only have one button which requires us to click several times to choose the mode.
  2. The dogs is able to understand the purpose of the collar application within a few days.
  3. Some dogs can change their behavior by only using vibration mode. So, no need to harm them with shock mode.
  4. The top quality and result comes with a great price.

The cons:

  1. The unit is not rechargeable. That means we have to buy battery supply to keep it working.
  2. It is only water-resistant. Sure it is fine when Sirius Pro remote dog training collar gets wet. However, you cannot let them submerge in the water. So, it is not available for swimming activity.

About the cons, you can actually get the one which is waterproof and rechargeable. However, you must buy the upgraded collar, and it is Commander Pro remote dog training collar. This one is slightly more expensive than Sirius Pro remote dog training collar.

Friendly Tips about Sirius Pro Remote Dog Training Collar:

Before you apply the collar on your pets, please look at these tips first. By following them, you can do a safe yet effective training.

  1. Test the shock mode on yourself first from level 0 to 100. Once you have tested them, you will know which level is too dangerous for your dogs.
  2. Let your pets wear the collar in off condition so they can get used to it.
  3. Do not use shock mode at the beginning. Instead, use beep for the start and combine it with vibration (medium – high level) when beep is not working. Shock mode is only for the last resort.
  4. When there is no more misbehaviors, you can remove the collar.
  5. Do not use the collar as a punishment tool. Its main function is for training only.

So, what is your opinion about Sirius Pro remote dog control? Is it a good or bad tool for your pets? Based on the review above, this collar can be a big help to those who are still beginners in dog training. In addition, the price is affordable too. Nonetheless, please use as well as look after it properly to avoid unwanted accidents.

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