Your Guide to Choose the Right Shock Collar

Shock Collar, also known as electronic collar has been long used to train dogs, but the earlier versions have no level adjustment to the remote. However, from time to time, these kinds of the collar have been evolving with lots of features. Even though the use of electronic shock remains controversial, but in some ways, it can be an effective way to train dogs if it is responsibly and properly used.

The concept of the electronic collar is similar to the short pull on a leash which is used to correct dog’s behavior. The electronic collar should be used in proper and under adult supervision because it has the potential to hurt dogs and even results in worse behavioral problems. Misuse or lacking proper knowledge when using the electronic collar will lead to irreversible damage to the dog.

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Things to consider to Choose the Right Shock Collar:

When it comes to choosing Shock Collar, it is crucial to consider these points carefully. Choosing the wrong device will not deliver the desired results.

Here are List of Top Shock Collars:


There are lots of waterproof collars, but not all collars are made the same. Some dogs have a strong attention to water, pond, and rain. If your dog is one of them; it is important to consider getting a waterproof collar. Some collars can be submerged in water including swimming. You can choose collar from a reputable brand and make sure to put safety in the first consideration. Make sure to know your dog’s need first before purchasing one.

Stimulation levels

Collar nowadays comes with stimulation levels from the lowest to the highest. It is important to choose a collar with stimulation level because you can adjust the shock level from the lowest and gradually increase if necessary. Sometimes you will need more level and sometimes less stimulation depends on the dog’s behavior. It is better to choose a collar with lots of stimulation levels which means you have more choice in training.

The range

The best thing about electronic collar is that it comes with the remote transmitter to give ultimate control over your dog from distance. There are some collars which can reach 1-mile transmission range but if you just need to walk your dog in the park, you do not need that range. The range choice depends on your needs. You may need to extend the training further than the back yard, so, 500 meters or yard range will be enough. However, if you are taking your dog for hiking or hunting, you may need further transmission range.

The size

When it comes to a dog collar, sizing is crucial. It should perfectly fit the dog’s neck. You do not need to buy one size bigger or smaller just because the dog will grow. Make sure to carefully consider the sizing because too big collar can get them caught in fallen branches or the fence while smaller size can choke and cause irritation. Measure carefully the neck size instead of making random guesses in the pet shop.


Many dog owners do not consider this point but making sure that the collar if comfortable is great. This will help dogs to get more accustomed to wearing the collar. It will be uncomfortable for the dog to wear the improper size of collar and chance is they will even refuse to wear it all together.

The budget

Dog Shock Collars come at various brands, features, and prices. The devices are ranging from the lowest price to the most expensive and fanciest. Since the collar is considered as an electronic device, it can be quite expensive. But, there is no need for you to buy the expensive one if you cannot afford. You can get the one which you can afford according to the budget plan.

How to Get Dogs Accustomed to Shock Collar?

Teach dogs without Shock Collar

Before using the Shock Collar on your dog, it is better to train them without the electric stimulation. You can call them or give treats when they behave well. If the dog has well-behaved, you can take the training to other location and see if they still manage the good behavior. Try the natural approach first with the treats before applying the electronic collar.

Ask for professional opinion

If you are really a beginner or first time getting a dog and electric collar; it is better to ask for a professional opinion before using it. Find out about the dog breed history, learning style, behavior, breed tendencies, and much more. Also, make sure that you have trying other training method and the electronic collar is the last option available. Some dogs also have little tolerance to electric shock. Therefore, it is important to see if the electronic shock training method is suitable or not. If it is not, there are other more effective and safer training options available.

Use other training collars before Shock Collar

Before actually choosing the Shock Collar, it is also recommended that you are trying other training collars. Instead of pressing the button to call your dog, it is better to tugging on the long leash. This also serves as a way to teach the dog the meaning of Shock Collar training.

Evaluate the dog’s tolerance

Each dog has different tolerance to the electric shock. It is important to consider their pain tolerance related to the shock. You can try setting the shock at the lowest level first and to avoid get the dog hurts, you can try from lowest to the highest. When you press the button, observe the dog’s response such as scratching neck, startled, or screaming in pain.

The most important thing when using Shock Collar is to teach the language of it. Make sure that your dog knows the intention of the electric shock. If the dog does not understand it, there is no point on using the collar, let alone expect them to behave well. Therefore, do not just put the collar and pushing the button without teaching them the meaning of it. They will be frightened and confused. You can allocate the vibration for ‘stay’, beep tone for ‘sit’, and low shock for ‘no chasing cats or other animals’.

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