Complete Review of OxGord Dog Training Collar

Are you having a problem with a misbehaving dog? Such dog is not a big deal to professional trainer. But, it is a different story when you are new in dog training. Some of you will find it very difficult in teaching them how to behave. When everything seems not working at all, there is one solution which most people will take. That is using training collar for dogs. There is a lot of collars we can find in online shops. Now we want to discuss about one particular collar, and it is OxGord Dog Training Collar.

OxGord Dog Training Collar

The Specifications of OxGord Dog Training Collar:

The weight of OxGord dog training collar is only 12oz. It is quite lightweight. That means your dogs can easily carry it around without discomforting them. The collar strap is adjustable. You can set the neck size from 12 inches to 22 inches.

Meanwhile, the remote has a shape like a walky-talky. There is an antenna, LCD display, LED indicator, LED light, and several buttons. On the front part, there are 4 different buttons, which are channel, mode, LED light, and launch buttons. On the right side, it has up and down buttons. With this remote, we can control the collar from afar.

Features of OxGord Dog Training Collar:

This dog training collar has several beneficial features. They will help you a lot in teaching and correcting behaviors of your dogs.

1. Training Modes

OxGord dog training collar is quite similar with other collars. It equips 3 different training modes, which are static shock, vibration, and beep. For the shock and vibration mode, you can adjust the level from 0 to 100. In contrast, the beep mode has only one level. You can choose vibration or beep if you prefer to do safe and humane training. Static shock is allowed, but do not use it too often.

2. Indoor and Outdoor Training

When we want to train our dogs, we usually have to be close with them. But, you do not have to do that with this collar. The transmitter in the remote is still able to connect the receiver in the collar. The distance range both can take is up to 330 yards or around 930 feet. Hence, you can let your dogs play outside while supervising them inside the house. This feature is also perfect when you and your pets are walking out or playing at a park.

3. Two Collars One Remote

Another best part about the remote is the ability to control two collars at the same time. It is quite easy to set which collar you want to activate. So, if you have two indocile dogs, OxGord dog training collar is the one you are looking for.

4. Rechargeable Battery

The power source of the collar is the built-in battery. If the batteries in the collar and remote have worn out, no need to buy new ones. You only need to recharge it back with the adapter and USB cable.

5. Waterproof

As we know, dogs are very active. They can play anywhere they want, including wet area like puddle. You do not have to worry about it getting broken due to the water. OxGord dog training collar is waterproof. Thus, you may relax when it gets wet. In fact, you can let them wearing it while it is raining.

How to Set OxGord Dog Training Collar System:

Installing the unit is quite easy to do. You can immediately set it once it is delivered to you. Not to mention, there is also a user manual in the package. Yet, for those who still need an instruction, you may follow our steps.

First, activate the receiver. You can do this by pressing the button in a small hole. Hold it for a few seconds until you hear a beep sound. Since the hole is quite small, you can use a stick like toothpick. Second, now let’s turn on the remote. You only need to hold the mode button for a few seconds until digits appear on the display.

How to Test OxGord Dog Training Collar:

Before using it to your dogs right away, it is better to test it first. The test aims to know whether every function really works or not. Moreover, you can determine the boundary of the usage through the test too. Here are several steps to conduct it.

  1. Press the mode button and select shock mode.
  2. Select the level by pressing the up/down buttons on the right side.
  3. Use a test light to check the prongs and press the Y (launch) button. If the light is on, then it works.
  4. Press the mode button again to pick vibration or beep and press the Y. For the vibration, it will be vibrating. The strength depends on the level you set. As for the beep, it will create a loud beeping.
  5. To check the LED light, you can simply click on the button with bulp icon.
  6. To set the controller to manage certain collar, click on the button with ½ icon.

How to Use OxGord Dog Training Collar Properly:

Using OxGord dog training collar may be easy. However, you still must know how to apply it properly. By that, you can do a more effective and safer training to your dogs.

  1. Before you put it on to your pets directly, we suggest you to test the shock mode on yourself. This way will tell you which level is considered to be dangerous. As a result, you can avoid hurting your dogs.
  2. When you want to use them, make sure the collar is off. Let the dogs to get used to it first.
  3. After they are fine with it, you can turn it on.
  4. We suggest you to pick vibration or beep mode first. The shock mode is only for the last resort. In order, you can set it like Beep – Beep – Vibration (low Level) – Vibration (high level) – Shock.

Based on the features above, no wonder that OxGord dog training collar is one of the top-rated collars by consumers. It has proved how it can change dogs’ behavior very well. Nonetheless, the pro cannot cover its con. You might find the item suddenly stops working after a few weeks. Furthermore, who knows some other malfunctions might happen during the application. That’s why you must supervise it strictly to prevent such things.

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