A Brief Review of No Bark Dog Collars

There are many ways which can be conducted when we want control the dogs barking. One of the effective ways which can be used is through using the electrical stuffs to modify the behaviors of the dogs. There are several tools which can be used and one of them is no bark dog collar. This type of stuff belongs to the effective way to control the barking as well as behaviors of our dogs. There are three common types of no bark dog collars and they are Citronella Collar, Shock Collar, and Sonic Collar. Each type has its own characteristics depending on we are using for.

No Bark Dog Collars

Commonly, no bark dog collar has a capability in detecting the dog barking through the sending vibrations in the vocal chords. It means that when the dogs bark, the tool will deliver a stimulus to dogs. The collar will provide a warning alert as the dog’s consequence due to barking. Besides that, all of those three collars above can be fitted comfortably and correctly on the dogs’ neck. In addition, it is also important both for appropriate training and for safety. These types of collars are also fitted with both professional dog trainers and the first time dog handlers.

Besides that, all of these no bark dog collar feature with a nylon collar that fit to all of regular nylon collars. When it comes to this type of dog collar, there is mechanism that releases the options of deterrent. Additionally, this mechanism is also fitted against the dogs’ throat. It results to vibrations which are affected by nuisance dog barking. The mechanism will be easy to recognize the dog barking. There is also an electric current found in the shock collar whereas the citronella collars have a citrus spray. Meanwhile, a sonic dog collar provide a tone in which the sound is only heard by the dog (out of hearing range of human). Here is type of no bark dog collar taken from caninejournal blog.

Types of No Bark Dog Collars:

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The first type of No Bark Dog Collar is static shock bark collar. The mechanism of this bark collar is fitted against the neck of the dogs. This type of collars can also provide the small shocks which can be increased up to a wide range of levels. The more our dogs have nuisance barking, the higher level it will be. For avoiding getting the high shock level, we can use our hand to test the static shock which is delivered by the dog collar.

The second no bark dog collar is citronella bark collar. The mechanism of this dog collar is fitted against the throat of the dogs through sending out a citronella spray. The spray will be released when our dogs start to nuisance barking. The citronella scent is so effective for most dogs as it provides the unpleasant smell. Therefore, it is going to deter the further dog barking. Besides citronella bark collar, another no bark collar which can be purchased is ultrasonic bark collar. The mechanism of ultrasonic bark collar is fitted against the throat of dogs. It produces unpleasant and very high pitched sound in which the sound only hears by the dogs. The sound is intended for deterring the nuisance dog barking.

Choosing the best no bark collars belongs to the daunting and challenging job. It should be fit with the individual dog. It is better to see our veterinarian if we have no idea regarding to the specific bark collar should be chosen. For example, my dog may be fitted with the shock bark collar whereas your dogs may be not proper of using the type of bark collar. Seeing veterinarian can be the best solution.

Do No Bark Collars work?

There are several types of no bark dog collar out there. Each of them comes with a variety of stimulation levels depending on the dogs response. It means that, if our dogs do not stop, no bark collars will continue providing the increasing shock level. It is conducted until our dogs stop barking. Because of that reason, this collar works by engaging the behaviors which enable our dogs to recover and learn. Nevertheless, there are also debatable opinions regarding to the safety of no bark collars. Some people said that the bar collars can make the dogs increasing in anxiety and stress. Meanwhile, the others said that it is effective to deter the dog barking as well as rid the bad manner.

Is No Bark Collar Safe?

The question above may be asked by most first timer dog handler. The manufacturer of no bar collars may say that it is safe for dog. Nevertheless, the dogs sometimes do not like the sensation or stimulus from the no bark collar. This tool is designed for the dogs to limit or even deter the barking. The dogs may hurt when we deter their free barking. Besides that, there are also several countries in Europe that prohibit the usage of bark dog collar. It is better to have prior knowledge and practice before using the bark collar.

Pros and Cons of No Bark Collars:

The pros of No Bark Collars are:

  • No bark dog collar is known as an effective tool for deterring dog barking.
  • It is comfortably fitted against the neck as well as throat of the dogs.
  • Some of dog collars come with water resistant feature.
  • It also comes with an adjustable shock level.

The cons of no bark collars which can be found based on the customer reviews are:

  • No Bark collars sometimes do not work well especially for aggressive and sensitive dogs.
  • For some dogs, no bark collars can provide the painful effect and the dogs are not affected with it.
  • In some case, the usage of citronella scent is not effective, especially for the dog with high natural instinct. Besides that, some dog is also not deterred with the ultrasound noise.

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