Top 5 Best 2 Dog Training Collars on The Market

If you are thinking to get 2 dog training collars then read this review before ordering. These are the top five electric training collars for two dogs. If you have more than one dog and you want them to train with shock collar then these will be your best package. I have listed five training collars in this list but I suggest you to choose Petrainer or Dogwidgets from them but Groovypets is also one of the most popular and top rated collar.

Best 2 Dog Training Collars:

Here is the list of top five 2 dog training collars for you. These products are really good and got so much positive feedback from their customers.


Dogwidgets DW-1 Petrainer Groovypets
 2 Dog Training Collar  2 Dog Training Collars
2 levels of shocks 100 levels of shocks 4 levels of shocks
1 level of vibration 100 levels of vibration 2 levels of vibration
Range: 600 feet Range: 990 feet Range: 600 feet
Water-Resistant Water-Resistant Water-Resistant
Warranty : 6 months Warranty :1 Year Warranty : 6 months
4.1 out of 5 4.0 out of 5 3.9 out of 5
2 Dog Training Collar 2 Dog Training Collars 2 Dog Training Collars

Small Reviews about 2 Dog Training Collars :

Dogwidgets DW-1 Collar Review:
 2 Dog Training Collar
I personally think Dogwidgets DW-1 is the best training collars for 2 dogs. It has 1 level of vibration and 2 levels of shocks to control your dogs. You can easily control your dogs from 600 feet away. This shock collar works for all kinds of dogs. They will give you 30 days money back guarantee and 6 months replacement warranty. Click the button below to know more and get discount on this product.
Petrainer 2 Dog Training Collar:
 2 Dog Training Collars
Petrainer is the most selling 2 dog training collar in online stores. This product is very popular and It has 100 levels of vibration and 100 levels of shocks. You can train small,medium or large dogs with it. This collar is very adjustable and you can control it from 990 feet. This remote training collar has 4 different modes.They are vibration,shocks ,light and beep. Read more to know it’s full features and to show what will you get with this collar.
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Groovypets Collar for Two Dogs:
Groovypets made this collar for 2 dogs owners. If you want to train your dog with this collar then you can command them to stop barking or other bad behaviors from 600 feet away. It has 4 levels of shocks. L for sensitive and small dogs and H for large dogs. It also has 2 levels of vibration. Click Read more button to know more about this collar.
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Two Other Dog Training Collars for Two Dogs:

Aetertek Shock Collar:
This is the only one waterproof shock collar in this category. Aetertek is well known company in pet supply. Their collar’s range upto 600 yard. This collar has 9 levels of shocks and It has 3 different modes to control dogs. Aetertek is very adjustable shock collar.
 2 Dog Training Collar
Dogtra Remote Collar:
If you want to control your dogs from log distance then this will be the best training collar for your dogs. Read more to know everything about this collar.
 2 Dog Training Collar
Hope This list will help you lot to find your best dog collar. If you are planning to get collar for one dog then Top 3 Cheap Shock Collars for Dogs post will help you lot to save your money.
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