Best Esky Dog Training Collar Review & Discount

In your lonely time a pet can entertain you a lot especially if it is a dog. But to get full accompany you have to train your pet dog well. Esky Dog Training Collar can do this easier to you. It is rechargeable and has adjustable collar with a high quality receiver. Its high quality regular chip in the collar provide proper motion send from the receiver so that you can easily control the pet with your one hand. You can adjust vibration ad static shock because it has 100 types of changing levels. It just an awesome pet controller that you can buy without any hesitations. 

Esky Dog Training Collar

Features about Best Esky Dog Training Collar:

  • This shock collar has 4 modes and they are vibration,shock,light and beep.
  • It has 100 levels of shock and vibration.
  • It is a one of the most popular dog training collar.
  • You will get 1 Year Free Replacement Warranty with it.

Esky Dog Training Collar is stylish and has an excellent look. Its transmitter and the control box made thinking how it will look in one’s hand. That is why when you hold it you feel it just like a police scanner or an ancient cell phone. It has also a digital display which show your command to the receiver. The collar is also soft and strong. It is adjustable and can easily locked. In the collar the receiver adjusting kit and the lock kit made with low weight plastic so that your pet didn’t feel any extra weight. The collar is very soft and the shocking device doesn’t disturb your pet’s neck. 

Esky Dog Training Collar Set Contains :

  • One Remote Transmitter to control your dog.
  • One Collar Receiver with Adjustable Belt for your dog
  • One USB Charging Cable with Charger to recharge your shock collar.
  • One Test Bulb
  • One Battery
  • and Two Set of Metal Probes

By using this Esky Dog Training Collar as a training device may help you to build a quick relation with your dog. This training device works with four function, vibration, light, beep and static shock. Just set all the things and start training your dog. Say it to do something if don’t make a static shock it will work. You can get it up by pressing vibrate button. Through this way you can also force it how to jump. You can make it busy by giving 10 seconds vibration at a time. By pressing sound button the receiver will make a beep as a reaction your pet will stop unexpected walking. Doing this continuously your pet’s behavior may improve quickly. And it has an excellent range of controlling with a wireless network. 
Before using it recharge it properly. This will keep both of the batteries in good health. As it is an electronic device you should keep it safe from water this may cause damage to the device. Make a proper knowledge about it by reading the manual booklet. When you wear it to the pet make sure it is on safe mode. If necessary trim your pet’s neck hair so that the receiver’s power option can connect to the pet’s skin. Open it out when the pet swim or in the rain even if take a bath.

Discount on Esky Dog Training Collar:

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dog training collar

Above all its bad side it is a good sensor with which you can control and train your pet easily. Doing every command gradually you will get a good response from your dog. Esky Dog Training Collar is really a reliable trainer for your pet. Just try it to see yourself. 

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