Honest Review About Garmin Dog Training Collar

This is one of the most popular shock collar in online stores.Garmin Dog Training Collar is a rechargeable dog training collar and It using proven TriTronics Technology.It has a great LCD screen which really so easy to read.You will see three buttons in it’s remote controller.You need to use this buttons to tone and vibration  level adjustment.It’s mean you need to use these buttons to control your Dog.This collar has 18 different levels of vibration.

Garmin Dog Training Collar

You can command your dog from up to 800 meters.This is a waterproof device so you won’t need to worry about raining season or your dog’s swimming.
Garmin Dog Training Collar will give you the option of using continuous and momentary stimulation, vibration and tone.You can also use these all options in same session.It is really a great feature to giving 3 ways to train your Dog.This collar also offers the ability to train up to Three dogs.

Features of Garmin Dog Training Collar :

  • It has 18 different levels of momentary stimulation,vibration & tone.
  • This collar’s range up to 800 meters.
  • Garmin Delta offers 3 training configurations.
  • You can control or train 3 Dogs together with this shock collar.
  • It is a waterproof electric training collar.
  • It’s LCD screen really easy to read.

Garmin Dog Training Collar Set Contains :

  • One Black 1.9 cm collar strap for your Dog.
  • One Delta handheld
  • One Charging clip to recharge your rechargeable dog training collar.
  • One Delta dog device.
  • USB cable
  • Lanyard
  • AC adapter
  • USB split cable
  • Manual to know how it works and how to use it.

Why Should You Get This Garmin Dog Training Collar:

It’s rechargeable battery has really great life length. This collar is easy to use and self charging device.Waterproof-is one of the main reason to select this collar.
dog training collar
Shipping Details:
This product’s weight will be 3.7 ounces and Size will be 3.5×5.4×7 inches.
This shock collar only for USA customers.
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