Top 12 Best Shock Collars for Small Dogs

Small dogs are cute and adorable. But, that is until they start behaving so aggressively. Some owners find it quite troublesome. Not to mention, it feels worse when it disturbs the neighbors as well. In this case, the best solution is to give them a training collar. But, there is not much collars for small dogs. Now you can relax as we will list a number of shock collars for small dogs to choose.

shock collars for small dogs

Best Shock Collars for Small Dogs:

PetTech Remote Controlled Dog Training Collar:

Dog Training Active Collar by PetTech is the best of the best shock collars for small dogs. You can use it to correct leash training, barking, aggression, and other behavioral obedients. You can do it by using one of the available modes such as beep, static shock, and vibration. This collar comes with a remote which can reach up to 1200 foot range. Hence, you may control your pet from home while it plays around the backyard. Furthermore, thanks to its waterproof feature, you can use it for outdoor activities. This item is rechargeable so there is no need to buy new batteries.

Pros: The pro of the collar is that not only is it working on small dogs, but also on the large ones. After using it for a couple of times, your pets will start to understand about what not to do.

Cons: The con is the training system sometimes does not work at all.

What Are the Best Shock Collar for Small Dogs?

Petrainer PET998DBB Shock Collar Review:

Petrainer PET998DBB offers you two shock collars for small dogs with a remote. That means you can use it for 2 dogs at a time with only one transmitter. You can adjust the level between 0-100 of its shock and vibration intensity. Tone mode is also available to give an audible warning. The remote can send the transmission to the collar within 330 yards. The collar is 100% waterproof so do not worry when your dogs plays outside during raining.

Pros: The pro is you can already command your dogs with only vibration on high level.

Cons: The con is the shock mode can accidentally burn their skin neck.

Petrainer PET998DRB Shock Collar Review:

PET998DRB is another type of shock collars for small dogs by Petrainer. It also has a remote to control the collar. Unlike the first one, you can only use it for 1 dog. Nonetheless, it still gives you the same quality. It has 3 different modes, and two of them (shock and vibration) has 0-100 adjustable levels to set the intensity. About the remote, its connection range is up to 330 yards. Both of the transmitter and receiver are resistant to water.

Pros: The pro is that most dog owners can afford it as it is quite inexpensive.

Cons: The con is, once again, the possibility of burning your dogs’ neck.

Bark Solution Bark Collar Review:

Bark Solution Bark Control Collar stated itself as one of the best shock collars for small dogs in barking control. It will produce a static shock whenever your pets are barking. Of course it is still a harmless warning. In fact, you can adjust the intensity through its 7 correction levels. When it reaches all those levels, it will stop working for 1 minute to protect the dogs. You may use it for small dogs, but it needs professional guidance for puppy application.

Pros: The pro is that it can make your dogs stop barking in a few days.

Cons: In the meantime, this item can easily break after several days use.

Best Little Dog Shock Collar:

PetTech Dog Training Collar is truly the best one among the other shock collars for small dogs. There are several reasons behind it. First, its collar size will fit very well for all size dogs started from 10lbs to 100lbs. Second, there is a remote to control the collar with range up to 1200 feet. This enables you to activate the system when your dogs are at the outside. Third, the item includes a shock mode. If you do not want to harm your pets, you can choose Beep or Vibrate to warn them. Fourth, besides having a long-term battery life, you can recharge it when it is out of power. Last, some experts have approved this collar to use on dogs.

Pros: The pro is the choices of vibration and tone are really helpful to those who want to train their dogs safely yet effectively.

Cons: The con is it can be intermittent after using for one month.

Best Shock Collar for Puppy:

This article is about shock collars for small dogs. But, is there any good one for puppies? Yes, there is a recommendation for that, and it is Petrainer PET998DBB. This item has one remote which can control 2 collars at the same time. Its collar is very suitable for small dogs, including puppies, which sized from 7 to 26 inches. It is fine to let them play outside as the transmitter still can reach its connection within 330 yards. The waterproof feature on the collar will add their freedom. There are 3 modes you can select to stimulate your pets, and those are static, vibration, and beep. For the shock and vibrate mode, you can adjust their level from 0-100.

Pros: The pro is after applying the collar for a few days, your dogs will lessen their misbehavior like jumping all around, barking, etc.

Cons: The con is that you cannot use high-level shock mode for puppies as it might hurt them.

Best Bark Shock Collars for Small Dogs:

Your little dogs always bark aggressively? Then you can try on Naturepets. It is one of the best shock collars for small dogs specialized in barking control. This product will be active whenever your pets start barking. To make it less harmless, you can customize the shock intensity with its 7 levels. Once it reaches all those levels, the system will stop working for 1 minute. The size is suitable enough for small dogs like beagle. It can even fit perfectly for large ones like doberman. It is so easy to use right away without doing complicated setting.

Pros: The pro of the product is that it can give some warnings first before shocking them. In this case, the warning is a beep sound as well as light. The other pro is you can get the result instantly after a few days.

Cons: The con is that the shock mode is not working sometimes.

Best Dog Shock Collar for Small Dogs Buying Guide:

Before buying or even using shock collars for small dogs, it will be the best for you to consider these crucial things first.

1. Know What You Want to Do with the Collar

It is not wise to just use shock collars without any concerns, especially when it is for dogs with small-sized body. You must know what you want to do with the collar. In this case, what result you want to achieve with your dogs. For example, you want to make them stop barking. Then you can activate the collar whenever they bark.

2. Consult with Some Experts

You can have a consultation about it from an expert. Of course it is better to do it with more than one expert to collect some advice. Ask them whether there is another way you can try for behavioral training besides shock collars for small dogs. If there is none, ask them again about how to use the item appropriately so you can prevent unnecessary accidents.

3. Check the Collar Size

Please remember that you are looking for shock collars for small dogs. Hence, it is important to measure the neck of your dogs first. As a result, you can buy one collar with proper neck size.

4. Check the Safety and Features

Checking the safety does matter too. Make sure that the collar you intend to buy is 100% safe for small dogs. Moreover, you must also check whether it has good features or not. Some features can be really helpful in your training.

5. Arrange Your Plan in Using It

We certainly will not use the collar forever, right? That’s why we must arrange a plan of the application. To illustrate it, you can think of how long or often you must put it on your dogs. When they finally become obedient to you, you must stop the usage right there.

Why These Dog Training Collars Are Safe?

It is normal for people to doubt in using shock collars for small dogs. It is because they are afraid such thing can hurt them so bad. If you have that thought, then no need to worry. Here’s why. Firstly, you can simply choose vibration or beep mode to warn them instead of shock. Secondly, although the static mode can shock them, it feels like a little pinch or ant bite. Thirdly, you can set static mode with the lowest level, which is zero, for the start. Lastly, you do not have to put it on them all the time as it can train them fast.

Other Best Shock Collars for Small Dogs:

Petsafe Dog Training Collar Review:

Petsafe Dog Training Collar features a remote which can reach up to 100 yards. It has 16 adjustable levels of static mode and one level for beep mode. Its waterproof feature enables it to submerge into 5 feet. The collar is well fit to 8-pound dogs with neck size up to 28”. The pro is it works really well even for outdoor activities. The con is its weak power of static and vibrate.

Esky 330YD Remote Dog Training Collar Review:

Shock collars for small dogs by Esky is a multichoice training collar you can consider. It has 100 adjustable levels for each static and vibrate mode. It will turn into standy mode when there is no operation. There is no need of extra batteries as it is rechargeable. The pro is its effectiveness to any kinds of dogs including medium and large dogs. The con is some products have lousy control.

Our K9 Mint Small Dog Anti Bark Collar Review:

Our K9 Updated allows every dog owner to do safer training. You can thank to its vibration and beep warning system. If you want to use it for your small dogs, then you can choose their type called Toy for 5-pound dog. The pro of this collar is that it will give no physical pain to the dogs. The cons are the difficulty to find replacement when it stops working.

PetSpy 1100 Shock Collar Review:

PetSpy dog training collar is another item approved by the experts. It provides 4 different modes for training, which are beep, light, vibrate, and shock. It also has 8 adjustable levels of sensitivity. The operation range is up to 1100 yards. You can recharge it when it is out of power. The pro is everyone can easily set it up. The con is how the system is failed to do its job.

PetAZ Dog Training Shock Collar Review:

PetAZ shock collars for small dogs are perfect choice for certain trainings like walking, sitting, barking, and other behavioral obedients. Besides shock mode, you can also choose either beep, light, or vibrate for training mode. No need to take it off when it rains since it is highly waterproof. The pro is it will meet your expectation. The con is that it does not work consistenly as it should be.

eXuby Shock Collar Review:

Exuby e-collar is a bit different from other shock collars for small dogs. This one has a training clicker. It aims to warn the dogs that there will be a shock after clicker. By using this, you can decrease the shock amount. The pro is the combination of clicker and collar equals fast and good result. The con is the problems related to charging system like unable to hold the charge.

Daxpoo Rechargable Dog Training Collar Review:

Daxpoo training collar is a training system which you can utilize to train 2 dogs with the same remote. The remote can offer you a long distance control as it reaches up to 330 yards. The collar is adjustable and fit for 20 to 100 lbs dogs. The pro is that the money you spend truly worths a great result. The con is the transmitter sometimes cannot connect to the receiver.

Colpet CP-TC04 Collar Review:

Colpet CP-TC04 is a dog training collar which prioritize the comfort of your dogs. Yet, it is still quite effective to train them with no injuries. There is a remote you can easily use to activate the collar system. When both tools are off, you can recharge it with micro USB. The pro is every dog will no longer disobey to you. The con is the dogs can loose the collar over time.

Petronics 330 Yards Collar Review:

Shock collars for small dogs by Petronics feature a blue backlight screen on the remote. It will show you the current sensitivity level you set. The transmitter works really fast toward the receiver within only 10 seconds. The collar is durable, adjustable, and fit for dogs sized from 15-100lbs. The pro is that it can give you a well-done performance. The con is you need to supervise it or it might accidentally burn your dogs’ neck.

Those are all the list of collars you can give it a try. Some of them are similar, but others are quite different. Nevertheless, these shock collars for small dogs can train them to be good.

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