How to Train a Dog with a Shock Collar

This post will help you to know how to train a dog with a shock collar. You need to follow all steps of this post to train your dog and don’t worry because training a dog with shock collar is not so hard. Read this post hope It will help you to train your dog.

Best Dog Training Collar

This time shock collar is popular item to train a dog. Some people think it’s really hard to train a dog with a shock collar but it is not. It will be really easy if you follow correct guidelines. If you have a dog and want to train a dog with a electronic dog training collar but don’t know how to do that then know about it or emotional damage can be happened to your dog . It will be really bad thing for you and your dogs. So don’t try to do it without knowing about how to use it. But if you know about it, Dog training collar will be the best thing to train and control you dog.

Instructions of a Training Dog with a Shock Collar :

Follow all my instructions step by step to train a dog with shock collar.

Step – 1:
Try to buy a dog training collar which has many levels of shock and vibration. Which has a tone button in remote. It will be better if you buy a remote dog training collar with a longer range so that you can control your dog from far away.

Step – 2:
Before Turning dog training shock collar on, put the collar on your dog for a few days so that your dog won’t relate dog training shock collar with electric connection. Don’t make your dog to be collar smart. Collar smart means your dog will do good behavior only when the collar is on. Being a collar smart is not good.

Step – 3:
Never let the dog see your handheld correction device and be your dog’s “safe place” so that they will come running to you.

Step – 4:
Give your dog heartfelt “No!!” if your dog start doing misbehave after that if your dog doesn’t obey your order give a lower rate shock. After giving lower level shock , they will stop in confusion of what just happened . That time, call your dog to you and say,”Good boy, Sam.. come. come!” Your dog will come running to you.

Step – 5:
If your dog don;t stop his misbehavior at the low level shock then increase the shock level one notch and repeat step four to get their attention.

Warnings of Training Collars for Dogs :

  • Always use your dog’s name connection to positive . Their name should not use it to be connected to negative.
  • Do not allow children to control you dog with shock training collar.
  • Do not leave the collar on overnight

Hope this article will help you lot to train and control your dog with remote dog training collar.

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