DW-3 Remote Dog Training Collar for Dogs

DW-3 Remote Dog Training Collar is one of the most popular electronic dog training collar for dogs. This collar is mostly use for basic dog training. This dog collar’s range 600 feet or 183m. This dog training shock collar has 6 shock levels. You can train your dog 1 level of strong vibration. This is a rechargeable collar and  works with dogs from 15 to 100 pounds. DW-3 dog training collar has auto sleep feature to save battery life. You will get 6 months warranty if you buy this one of the best dog training collar. This is a water-resistant training collar.

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DW-3 Remote Dog Training Collar set contains :

  • One Remote control which operated Nine volt battery.
  • One 12 to 20 inches long strap.
  • One Rechargeable Collar for your Dog.
  • One wall charger to recharge your dog training collar.
  • Two rubber prongs, Two short ad Two metal prongs.

Features of DW-3 Remote Dog Training Shock Collar :

  • 6 Level of Shocks
  • 600 feet range.
  • One strong vibration
  • Rechargeable Dog training collar.
  • Auto sleep feature.

Warranty of DW-3 Dog Training Collar :

This taring collar is a product of Dogwidgets company. They will give you six months replacement  warranty for this product. You will also get all kinds of technical support for your dog collar from them.

Why you need this Dog Training Collar :
This time electronic dog training collar is the best item to train your dog. You can do many thing with this collar. You can use this dog training collar to give basic training to your dog. You can also use it to jump on people, chasing cars and to bark. The brand of this collar is  Dogwidgets. Which is one of the well known dog collar company and 6 months warranty really a big thing for this product.

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