AGPtek Dog Training Shock Collar for Dogs

AGPtek is Rechargeable shock collar for Dogs . It has 100 level of shocks and has 100 vibrations to train your dog. This remote dog training collar has a rechargeable LCD remote to control your dog’s collar. There is a small LCD screen in remote shows the shock level.To prevent conflicts with other collars, there are over 3000 identity codes in this remote dog training collar.

I told you before there are 100 shock levels in this collar .The shock levels can be changed by pressing of up & down button on the remote control.

 Shock Collar for Dogs
This remote dog training collar is only for train your dog. The dog will understand the intention of its owner after a period of can effectively train your dog by following the correct operation instructions of this dog training collar.

Features of AGPtek Dog Training Collar :

Both the transmitter and receiver have auto power saving features to save your battery life.
There are three functions to notify your dog Beep,Vibration and Shock.
This Dog Training Collar is Waterproofed so you won’t need to be worry about water.
There are two different lengths of shock probes in this shock collar.
There is an LED shock testing light to check collar’s shock levels.
Rechargeable transmitter and receiver with USB wall charging plug.
This is Fully adjustable shock collar for dogs.

Any USB charger can be used with cable to recharge your remote dog training collar.

AGPtek Dog Training Collar Set Contains :

One shock collar for your Dogs.
One remote control to control electronic dog training collar.
One charger to recharge dog training collar.
One test light to check your shock levels and replacement probes.
One Operating Instructions.

How to Use Dog Training Collar Remote:

Press the Mode button on the collar’s remote for 5 seconds to turn on or to turn off the remote. To change to different modes of Remote , press the mode button on the remote. You can see changes on the LCD screen. To set shock levels, press the up and down buttons on the remote. Choose different channels for different dog training collar’s receivers. The remote will go into Standby Mode if you are not operated it for 20 seconds and it will be Turn Off if you are not operated this remote for 2 minutes. Press any button of Remote to wake up from Standby Mode.

How to Connect the Remote with the Dog Training Collar :
At first turn on the Transmitter and choose one or two channels to encode.Then lift the reset part of cover in the Collar Receiver. Use a paper click to insert the Reset HOLE inside into the Dog Training Collar Receiver.After hearing a beep from the collar, press the LAUNCH button on the Remote. If the collar receiver also beep that means the remote has encoded your dog training shock collar. After encoding shock collar put the rubber cover in the right place to save collar’s ¬†internal unit from water and dust.

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